Partner Members of the Think Smartgrids Association are legal persons under public or private law or the institutional, professional and consultative organisations that federate them.

Among them, businesses and universities alike, as well as ten competitiveness clusters, several SMBs, and eight local distribution companies. They all qualify to access the association’s services. By sitting on the Executive Board, the “College” representatives can participate in the association’s management, activities and development once they have been appointed to the Board of management.

The Partner Members, who are not appointed to the Board of management, can also participate in the activities and development of Think Smartgrids by working on association’s projects (for example the tasks set up by the Commissions) or by taking part in certain Board meetings with consultative voice if they are invited by the Council chairman. In this case, they vouch for the privacy of discussions and tasks and commit to not revealing or using positions or decisions or any other information which is not intended for publication, or when relevant, not to reveal it before it has been published.

Roll of partner members