IssyGrid, smart grid use-cases scaled up to a whole urban district
Issygrid, vue aérienne – crédits : construction 21

IssyGrid is a demo-project led by Enedis and some 10 industrial partners for a large range of smart grid use-cases that have been scaled up to a whole urban district: flexibility, storage, integration of local solar power, smart EV charging, smart lighting, as well as applications for power consumption optimisation in households and office buildings.

Maris COSNE, Enedis, Direction Régionale Paris.

Visit of the IssyGrid urban area and inside the middle-to-low-voltage substation with its second-life storage batteries for absorption of excess PV generation from rooftop solar panels on a neighbouring office building. Explanations on the operation of the substation and its Linky concentrator.

 e-mobility, smart meters, smart homes, integration of renewable energies, flexibilities, storage. 

Location: Rue Bara, Issy-les-Moulineaux (Paris Region).

Languages: Français, English 

Tel/email: david.bornstain 


Capacity of reception: max. 20 ppl

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