Multifluid and modular energy system

VERTPOM project is a multifluid and modular energy system that aims to create a “Positive Energy Territory” through a set of digital tools, including simulators and algorithms based on artificial intelligence.

Vertpom partners

CIAC International Technologies

Presentation of the Positive and Modular Energy Territory with our partners UPJV, Amiens City Université de Picardie Jules Verne and GAZELEC, the Distribution System Operator of the city of Peronne.
VERTPOM-BANK Showroom laboratory

Network optimization and intelligent energy efficiency with cybersecure communication, smart cities and territories.

Location: 15 Rue Baudelocque, 80000 Amiens

Amiens City – Université de Picardie Jules Verne, Hauts de France (northern region), Platform of VERTPOM-BANK  Energy Data Bank IA.

Tel/email: / / 01 46 45 11 26

Languages: FR and UK


Duration of the visit: 2 hours. NB: it takes 1h15 to travel from Paris to Amiens.

Capacity of reception: max. 10

Online resources :