European Utility week, 6-8 Nov. 2018, Vienna


You intend to visit the international exhibition EUW 2018 in Vienna? Participate in our smart grid thematic trails!

During the EUW 2018, Think Smartgrids will organize five tours every day to present the latest developments and innovations as well as operators projects and field experiences of Think Smartgrids members attending EUW 2018. The one hour trails will start at the French Pavilion (centrally located in Hall A, stand G46).



9:30 am     Network grid Asset Management

Utilities’ traditional models are facing significant challenges, including a rapid increase in intermittent and remote generation, aging infrastructures and higher electricity consumption peaks. Utilities need to adapt their asset management strategies and investments to build more secure and efficient energy grids. Smart data, storage capacities and advanced analytic solutions will be key to design, operate and maintain successful energy systems.

Tour leader: Cosmo Tech

10:15 am    Smart homes and smart buildings

Buildings represent 50% of the world energy consumption and even more in the future, due to urbanization. A smart building (or home) integrates advanced information and communication technologies for an improved comfort, reliability and cost-effectiveness throughout its life cycle. It is highly efficient, flexible and connected. French solutions address residential customers as well as local authorities.

Tour leader: Schneider Electric

11:00 am   Energy Storage solutions

Energy Storage provides enhanced flexibilities for electricity systems, delivering multiple functions to multiple stakeholders in generation, transmission, distribution and end use of electricity. The main functions include primary and secondary reserves and other ancillary services to stabilize grid frequency and voltage, peak load management, integration of variable renewable generation, optimized energy management and self-consumption.

Tour leader: Saft 

2:00 pm   IOT for smart grid

Connected devices and the data they produce are creating new challenges and opportunities that are having a profound impact on Utilities’ business. IOT for smart grid improves grid performance and energy efficiency by a collaborative and agile network of capabilities.

Tour leader: Atos

2:45 pm   Microgrids – Non-interconnected areas

Islanded grids and areas remote from power grids are facing multiple challenges, notably the difficulty to ensure the security and stability of their electricity systems, while integrating more renewable energy sources to lower their high dependency on fossil fuels. Microgrids can reconnect customers faster in the event of power outages, improve overall service quality and allow the massive integration of renewable energy sources. Different energy management and flexibility solutions, coupled with decentralized storage capacities make it possible for isolated territories to integrate a high rate of renewables while ensuring grid stability.

Tour leader: Socomec


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We are looking forward to your interest in our French smart grid trails!