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A strategic committee for the "new energy systems" industrial sector

The Conseil National de l’Industrie, le CNI, (French National(...)

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The benefits of digitisation of electricity networks amounts to billions of euros per year according to the IEA

The International Energy Agency has just released a report on the(...)



French Smart Grids industry mobilised around the Smart Islands at the 2017 European Utility Week

From 3 to 5 October, more than 45 French companies gathered at the(...)

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Strengths and limitations of the Blockchain for the electricity sector according to Eurelectric

In a report published in May 2018, Eurelectric, the trade association(...)

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Becoming a member of Think SmartGrids means opening the doors to active participation in the development of the smart grids Sector in France, Europe and across the world. It also means accessing services which have been designed by and for smart grids stakeholders.

Our Members are all stakeholders of the French smart grids Sector

The Think SmartGrids members come from smart grid related businesses, the academic or institutional world or are stakeholders of the electricity industry. They all vouch for the promotion of French smart grid solutions. Their industrial, tertiary, research or training activities are linked to smart grids in one way or another.

Une France riche de ses démonstrateurs

Aujourd’hui, de nombreuses expérimentations « Smartgrids » sont menées en France, parmi lesquelles celles de démonstrateurs soutenus par le Programme des Investissements d’Avenir, à hauteur de 85 millions d’euros. Objectifs de ces projets ? Tester « grandeur nature » des fonctionnalités et des services tels que la contribution à la gestion locale de la production intermittente, la variation de la demande et des éventuelles contraintes réseau associées, ou encore l’aide à mieux maîtriser la consommation d’énergie.

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About Think SmartGrids

Established in April 2015, Think SmartGrids aims to develop the smart grids Sector in France and to promote French solutions in Europe and across the world. The association brings together stakeholders with backgrounds in electronic engineering, automation, telecommunication equipment and information systems, business models and regulations. Its industrial references are numerous, from the modernization of grids to the rapid growth in demand and the integration of renewable energies, or the implementation of energy efficiency mechanisms. The members of the association play a determining part in the development of new standards.

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