Established in April 2015, Think Smartgrids aims to develop the Smart grids sector in France and to promote French solutions in Europe and around the world.

The “Team France” of the smart grids Sector

In its aim to create a Team France of smart grids stakeholders the professional association Think Smartgrids ensures the development of the French Sector among the world’s greatest economies and in a global market estimated to be worth 30 billion Euros.  Through its actions and the support it provides, the association hopes to create 10 000 direct jobs in France by 2020, and a revenue of 6 billion Euros (with 50% from export.)

Think Smartgrids, part of the smart grids National Plan

The creation of the professional association “Réseaux Electriques Intelligents – Smartgrids France” is the concrete implementation of one of the 10 actions in the “REI” roadmap for a New Industrial France presented  to the French President on May 7th 2014 by Dominique Maillard (then Chairman and leader of the “REI” plan).